Hi, I’m Kelli H and I’m from Sonoma County, California. I started Made in Sonoma to share recipes with my family. I mainly wanted to be able to show my Nanny (maternal grandmother) what I was cooking. I was also commenting on so many other blogs that I decided I should start my own and share with everyone what I cook.

My cooking background started when I was about 15. I was obsessed with Rachael Ray and her 30 Minute Meals. Yes, the Food Network really got me into cooking (now I never turn it on). I cooked for my family about 5 nights a week, and decided I wanted to attend culinary school after high school. I received my AA in Culinary Arts in December 2007. Although I don’t currently work in the industry, I truly love cooking and baking and use my skills every single day.

Made in Sonoma has really turned into a great hobby. I love trying new recipes and sharing them. On my blog, you’ll mostly find recipes that I’ve successfully cooked after work when I’m short on time. I’ve also started taking more pictures which is always a learning process. I love sharing Brew Reviews in hopes that people will learn about the vastly large world of craft beer. You’ll also find snapshots of life around the wine country with friends, family, my husband, and of course, our yellow lab, Ryder.

Thank you for stopping by Made in Sonoma!

You can read this post to learn even more about me!


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