September in Review

by Kelli H. on October 2, 2014

September was a much more low key month compared to the rest of the summer. I welcomed a calmer month than May-August which seemed to just be jam packed with fun and commitments. I was happy that September didn’t involve much traveling. Instead we enjoyed what Sonoma County had to offer.

Rather than going up to Truckee for Labor Day weekend, David and I decided to stay at home and not bother with the traffic. We were more than happy to have a weekend at home so that we could do some long awaited wine tastings. I made a reservation at Banshee for Monday. David, Jason, Jenna and I drove to Healdsburg and had a relaxing tasting. We sat at a couch, had tons of wine poured for us including rose, sauv blanc, multiple pinots, syrah, Mordecai, and possibly more? They were very friendly there and willing to pour whatever we asked for. I liked the vibe there and would go back. We ended up buying their Sonoma Coast Pinot and the Mordecai but I wasn’t in love with their wines. Especially their rose and white. I found them to be so light and almost flavorless, though they had amazing aromas.

After Banshee we went to Willie’s Seafood and had a mighty tasty lunch. After lunch it was off to Matrix to do a tasting where my friend Debby works. Of course we had an amazing tasting at Matrix. We also bought a couple bottles there. I believe their rose of zinfandel and another pinot. Jason and Jenna mentioned that they enjoyed Matrix much more than Banshee. Overall I’d say we had an amazing wine tasting day. I love hitting up only one or two wineries/tasting rooms so you can really appreciate what they have to offer, rather than being more concerned with just hitting the next stop.

The next weekend we were also at home, so after making a fun stop at Bottle Barn where we bought 6 bottles of wine, we decided to head up to my parents house to take advantage of their lovely backyard. We brought a bottle of Bodkin Sauv. Blanc and some cheese and crackers. We also brought the wine bible and read from that for longer than I’d like to admit.

It’s so relaxing having a picnic in the backyard with a delicious bottle of wine. David and I just hung out for hours, reading, talking, playing with Ryder, and relaxing on lounge chairs. It was quite the vacation for the afternoon. Also, this sauv. blanc was rather tasty! I’d definitely buy it again.

The weekend of the 13th David and I were up in Truckee with my parents, Jason, and Jenna. It was so nice having Friday off work. My mom and I hit up Dark Horse Coffee, which we’re fans of, meal planned, went on a 5.5 mile mountain bike ride with the pups, went bathing suit shopping/hiking boot shopping, and got lunch. All while David was working from the cabin.

Later my dad made his way up to the cabin and we all headed out to Tahoe Mountain Brewing’s tasting room in Truckee. It’s in an odd location and it could definitely be done a little better, but they were cool there. We relaxed, took our time, and tasted lots of samples. I finally settled on a saison. I believe my beer tastes are changing these day. Less IPA’s and more saison’s are where it’s at.

Friday night we also enjoyed an amazing dinner at home of turkey burgers (sans buns), a huge salad, and amazing garlic bread on Truckee sourdough (so good!). Once Jason & Jenna made it up there David and I joined them on the deck for wine while we chatted for a couple hours. As you know we also went hiking on that trip.

David and I also managed to meet up with our friends Tyler & Aubrey at a cool bar in Reno and had an awesome dinner drinking a bottle of malbec near the Truckee river outside on a perfectly warm night.

Sunday I tried stand up paddle boarding with my mom which was so fun, but was a little hindered due to the ridiculous wind. Also Ryder made it pretty difficult since he freaked out when I started paddling away. I was able to paddle board with him on it, but then he’d jump off and try to swim towards my mom. Next time I’m going in the morning with less wind, and no Ryder.

September also proved to be the month that I got back into mountain biking. I started mountain biking years ago with David. I even have a really awesome Santa Cruz bike that has gone unused for the most part since I moved out of my parents house 5 years ago. I’m so glad that David and I decided to do weekly 6 mile rides out in Annadel. I’m sad that the time will change soon and we’ll have to stop our mid-week rides. We’ll have to do them on the weekends when that happens.

The weekend after Truckee, David and I went to a concert at Soda Rock Winery for their summer music series. We had a pretty amazing picnic while sipping on sauv blanc, zin, and cab. One of my favorite parts of this event was that dogs were allowed. It’s always nice when you can bring your dog along.

September really was the month of wine for us. Our beer drinking tanked and our wine drinking sky rocketed. Chris from Bodkin Wines e-mailed me and asked David and I to come out to Locals Tasting Room where Bodkin Wines is now being poured. We brought along Jeff & Debby and made it a fun day. We had lunch at Diavola (such good pizza), tasted at Locals, met Chris and his business partner Andy, and also tasted at Meeker Vineyards and Cartograph Wines (amazing pinots!).  Overall it was an amazing weekend of amazing wines.

Oh yeah! That weekend my new boots were also delivered. My very first pair of cowboy boots. I had been waiting years to find the right ones and these were what I went with. I’m so happy with them. Comfortable, personality, and they also look great with jeans. I can’t wait to wear these to work when the weather gets cooler.

Friday the 26th was my love’s birthday. We were graced with unexpected showers, lightening, and thunder, which is rare around these parts lately. Rain is always welcomed! My parents, David, and I celebrated at Palooza. We drank a bottle of delicious Ty Caton Malbec, stuffed ourselves with fried pickles, flat bread with arugula, figs, and brie, plus our entrées, and BOURBON cake. The cake was David’s request and it totally exceeded everyone’s expectations. Definitely a new favorite and I highly recommend making it. I used Bulliet bourbon.

The birthday celebration continued Saturday with a concert to see Jason Aldean, Flordia Georgia Line, and Tyler Farr at the Shoreline. We drank plenty of beer, sang our hearts out, and got home way too late. It was such a fun day and made me excited for more country concerts in the future.

September was definitely a fun month, as always. We relaxed, we were active, we ate and drank well. October is going to be very different from September because starting Monday, David, my mom, and I are starting the Whole30 challenge. I’ll be posting lots more on it in the next week to document our journey. I’m so excited! More to come.

Happy October! 

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Made in Sonoma October 3, 2014 at 3:28 am

where did you eat/drink at in Reno?


Made in Sonoma October 3, 2014 at 4:18 am

Hey Kell! Chapel Tavern and Wild River Grille.


Made in Sonoma October 3, 2014 at 4:33 am

oh nice, both good spots


Made in Sonoma October 3, 2014 at 3:46 pm

A backyard picnic with wine + reading + talking sounds like perfection! 🙂 I truly can’t think of many more ways to spend a relaxing day. Also, I’m glad Septemnber was a bit slower for you. It sounds like you had a wonderful month despite being less busy than during the summer months. Rejuvenation at its best!


Made in Sonoma October 6, 2014 at 2:53 am

Sounds like a busy but fun month! I’ve wanted to try SUP and SUP yoga but there’s nowhere closeby to do it, looks like a great workout though in addition to being fun!


Made in Sonoma October 21, 2014 at 2:36 am

Aw, you guys are soo cute! Love your dog. I’m glad you guys had a great September! Hope the whole30 is going well! 🙂


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