Brew Review: Mad River Brewing Jamaica Sunset IPA

by Kelli H. on June 25, 2014

Beer: Mad River Brewing Co. Jamaica Brand Sunset IPA
Date: 6-22-14
Location: Blue Lake, CA
Type: IPA
Alcohol: 7%
IBU: 45.3

Appearance: Dark gold, hazy, small head retention, little bit of sediment in the bottom of glass

Aroma: Tropical fruits, hops, fresh

Body & Texture: Carbonation/alcohol bite up front, medium bodied, velvety, smooth, sweet up front

Aftertaste: Quickly turns to a strong bitter aftertaste. Once it warmed up a bit the aftertaste was less bitter.

Overall Impression: 
This was the first Mad River beer I’ve tried. I’ve seen their beers in my parent’s fridge before but I wasn’t ever really drawn to them due to their somewhat tacky labels. I’m glad that my mom dropped this one off to us because it forced me to taste it.

I think the IPA has a great color and the aroma is definitely great. It smells super fresh and I could actually get some tropical fruit notes out of it; like pineapple. The body is pretty good, too. It felt very smooth in my mouth and almost thick, which is why I used the term velvety.

This is an IPA I’d drink again. I’m not sure why it’s called Jamaica IPA and it kind of confuses me. I wouldn’t buy a six pack of this IPA myself as I tend to like IPA’s in the 6% abv range. I think it’s a decent IPA but there’s just something about it that doesn’t excite me. Maybe it’s the label (pathetic, I know) but it just doesn’t get me excited to drink it. Overall I think it’s a totally drinkable IPA, and like I said, I’d drink it again, but only if someone offered it to me.

Have you tasted any Mad River beers? 
Is there another one you think I should taste?

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Made in Sonoma June 25, 2014 at 5:31 pm

Gotta agree with you, it’s just not that interesting of a beer. It was okay, but there’s really no reason I’d buy a 6-pack of this over something else…


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