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by Kelli H. on April 27, 2016

Celebrating the fact that I love acupuncture. I finally gave acupuncture a try at the end of March and have fallen in love with it. Not only is my acupuncturist the nicest lady who I truly enjoy being around, but it makes me feel amazing. It’s crazy to me that one hour of acupuncture a week has helped me feel my best in so long. Sometimes I’m so comfortable there that I’m dozing off. I used to be afraid of the needles before trying it but most of the time I don’t even feel her putting them in. The room is so relaxing with light meditation music, it smells like herbs, soft water feature notice, a nice warm rice pack under my neck and an eye mask over my eyes. I’ve been going on Friday’s after work and it’s a great way to decompress from the busy work week.

Listening to AWOLNATION. I love their new album, Run. Have you given it a try? Definitely check it out on Spotify for some rockin’ music. It’s fun to workout to or clean the house.

Looking forward to our vacation to Ojai! I’ve been wanting to go to Ojai ever since I watched Brothers & Sisters way back when. I had even tried convincing David to honeymoon in Ojai! (HA!). Luckily he said no and we went to Hawaii, but I’ve been dying to make a trip down there. We’ve rented a cute little AirBNB studio with pool access. We’re looking forward to hiking, doing a 15 mile (each way!) biking trip from Ojai to Ventura Beach. I’m hoping to grab some sushi at the end of that ride! We have dinner reservations set and we’re so excited to get away from it all. Maybe I’ll share some photos on here when we get back!

Loving Ryder! He seriously makes me smile so much. David and I created an instagram account for him @Ryderthegoose and we have too much fun posting as him. We’re a little worried about him right now because he’s going into surgery next week for a torn cruciate ligament. It’s a pretty common surgery but damn, it’s super expensive and the recovery time is 10-12 weeks. They also say after your dog has torn a cruciate ligament they have a 40% chance of tearing the other one. NOOO! That better not happen!

Reading Eight Hundred Grapes by Laura Dave. I’m only on chapter four but I love that it takes place in Sonoma County! It’s so fun to read a book mentioning neighboring towns and highways I drive every day. So far I’m a fan. 

Sticking with my elimination diet of no dairy and no gluten. It’s been a little tough but my best friend did a Whole30 last month so it was fun to have a dinner together where both our diets worked. Dairy might be a little tough to continue to eliminate (it’s been months with no dairy!) while we’re out of town but I’m hoping I won’t eat too much of it. As for gluten I’m over a month gluten free and I’m trying to be pretty hardcore about no gluten for 3 months to see how I feel without it. So far it’s great.

How have you been spending April?

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Theresa April 28, 2016 at 8:53 am

Ojai is so great! Our family friends live there, I love all the orange trees and avocado trees! I’m not sure what time of year it was, but there is a big community picnic in the park that would be fun if it happens to be around this time. And there is a Raptor Center Andrew has always wanted to go to! (we are nerds)…Can’t wait to see pictures from your trip! And my sisters lab had that surgery. You can tell he gets sore now (he’s getting old) but he never injured his other one so that’s good. Best of luck with the surgery!


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