Brew Review: Ballast Point Habanero Sculpin

by Kelli H. on April 12, 2015


Beer: Ballast Point Brewing Co. Habanero Sculpin
Date: 4-5-15
Location: San Diego, CA
Type: IPA with Habanero Peppers Added
Alcohol: 7%
Price: $14.99/6 pack

“Heat May Vary” – Ballast Point


Appearance: Gold, orange, small head retention.

Aroma: Chili pepper! Smells super spicy.

Body & Texture: Full bodied, good carbonation, immediately hot up front.

Aftertaste: HOT all the way through. Very spicy, makes my mouth water. Burns a little. Leaves a spicy hop aftertaste. Gets hotter as you drink it.


Overall Impression:
WOW! HOT! Seriously, that’s all I can think of is the heat that goes throughout my mouth and travels to my ears. While this IPA is not something I would drink on the regular, I am so glad our friend Kyle let us try this one. It is such a fun beer! This is definitely a beer you want to open with a crowd. I think it’d be a really fun one to try with a group so everyone can taste it and you can witness peoples reactions. David and my dad stated that they really wanted to try this with Mexican food. 

While I personally won’t be buying a six pack of this in the future, it really is a great beer. It’s an IPA brewed with habaneros and there is no mistaking that. This is a great IPA, it just has an intense heat and an amazing pepper aroma. I was not disappointed with this beer at all. You should buy this beer for the spicy lover in your life. 

Like I mentioned above, bring this one to a tasting party. It’s sure to bring some laughter to the party. We had a fun time playing a little trick on my mom with this one. She could smell the peppers immediately so she sort of knew something was up, but she took a sip anyway, and we were all cracking up by her expressions. She thought it was incredibly spicy, but then again, she doesn’t do spicy well. I’d say I can handle spicy pretty well and I thought it was also very spicy. It’s a fun beer to test people with and see if they can handle it. 


Ryder during the brew review. 

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David W. April 13, 2015 at 8:24 am

So spicy! But yet, delicious. Everyone should try this beer. It’s fun, and fierce! …and most of all, it’s unlike any beer you’ve probably ever tried. I’m looking forward to trying it with my next burrito. 🙂
p.s. That pic of Ryder is adorable.


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