Brew Review: New Belgium & 3Floyds Grätzer Ale

by Kelli H. on March 5, 2015


Beer: New Belgium & 3 Flyods Grätzer Ale
Date: 2-20-15
Location: Fort Collins, CO
Type: Grätzer Ale
Availability: Limited
Alcohol: 4.5%
IBU: 30


“It’s not dead. But Grätzer is definitely a long-buried style from Poland. Together with 3Flyods we unearthed its robust smokiness with oak smoked wheat and midnight wheat. Polish lublin hops for a bitter bite and lacto for a slightly sour finish, this pours out a billowing, foamy mouth worth indulging” – New Belgium


Appearance: Very dark dark brown, light brown head retention

Aroma: Roasted malts, smoke

Body & Texture: A little bit of carbonation up front, light-medium bodied, malt flavors upfront that dissipate fairly quickly

Aftertaste: Tad bitter but not too much at all. 


Overall Impression:

I’d say my favorite aspects of this beer are the aroma, the light body, and the low alcohol. I also think the label printed on the bottle is pretty cool. As for the beer itself, I am not a fan. I can appreciate that the brewers wanted to bring back an old style that hasn’t been around, but I think it hasn’t been around for a reason, if ya catch my drift. 

This beer isn’t what you’d expect at all. It’s light bodied and has a low alcohol percentage which you think is pretty cool for a “dark beer”. I say dark beer because the color is dark. This beer is no way a dark beer though. It’s super light in the mouth. I feel like I have no idea when I’d want to drink this beer. It’s not very filling and the nice malt aroma doesn’t really exist in the taste. It’s got a great aroma but doesn’t follow through in the taste. The aftertaste is a tad bitter and sour. 

I really tried to give this beer a fair chance, but it’s not one I’d want to drink again. Unless you’re a very adventurous beer drinker who is dying to try a Grätzer I wouldn’t recommend this beer. This beer is not for a novice. It’s also not for me. If you’ve given it a try, what did you think? I’d love to hear some other opinions on it. Thanks again to our friend, Kyle for letting us try this special beer.


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