Whole30 Week 4 & Final Thoughts

by Kelli H. on November 5, 2014

My mom and David pointed out on Week 4 that I wasn’t really sticking to the strict plan of dinners and lunches on Whole 30. I guess I was trying to incorporate more veggies into the meal rather than just a protein and a side of veggie. Week 4’s breakfasts started out great with my tasty breakfast casserole, grapes, apples, & nuts (my favorite!). It’s amazing to me that breakfast has turned into my favorite meal of the day. Lunch was a chicken salad with a quarter of an apple. Dinner was my first vegetarian Whole30 dinner, but it was a curried cauliflower soup (cauliflower has tons of protein!) and “Thai” kale salad that I made with an almond butter coconut dressing. Worst meal to date on Whole30. The soup was super lackluster and I just can’t get into kale salads. I feel like a horse eating them.

In an effort to make my soup better for lunch the next day we added leftover chicken from Sunday night’s dinner. It helped make the soup more filling but I was still not impressed. I had two slices of apples w/ almond butter with my soup as a little “dessert” to my boring lunch. David made a turkey spaghetti squash casserole with green beans. It was his first time making green beans, so there’s a little room to improve there but overall the dinner was satisfying. I also think the casserole could be improved on but it was a keeper.

Wednesday I had another awesome breakfast, lunch was tasty as well and kept me full through my workday and even through my first kettle bell work out and a run! Dinner was good in theory… I had slow cooker pumpkin chicken curry inside an acorn squash bowl. Didn’t work out so well. The chicken was pretty dry and I didn’t enjoy the large carrots (per the recipe) because they reminded me of stew. The acorn squash bowl wasn’t big enough, so we ended up scooping the guts out and mixing it into the curry which was very tasty.

Thursday’s lunch looks pretty gross but the acorn squash mixed into the curry was much better and totally filling. Dinner was a made up chicken sausage, brussels sprouts, butternut squash skillet dinner which was fantastic. I’ll have to make it again and blog it next time. I love one pot/skillet meals because it means less dishes! I suppose I should have served it with another side of veggies but I thought the brussels and butternut was enough veggies.

Friday wasn’t really that difficult even though it was Halloween. I put the “hash” from the night before on to my salad for lunch which was delicious. Dinner was an amazing bison chili (I’m sharing the recipe on Friday!), and we finished the night off with a Guava Goddess Kombucha. I had previously claimed that flavor to be my favorite but I think I’m going back to Gingerade as my favorite. I was happy to have made it through Halloween successfully on Whole30! Luckily no one in our office brought candy or any treats so resisting sugar was rather easy.

I’m still in need of adding more veggies into my breakfasts. I just can’t seem to get into veggies at breakfast enough but on Saturday I made a sausage, sweet potato, red bell pepper hash and had two over easy eggs on top. Fruit was running low so I only had 1/2 an apple with almond butter & coconut shreds. Another tasty lunch of bison chili! We tried the Berry Gingerade Kombucha and thought it was decent but definitely not a favorite. For dinner I made my favorite cilantro lime salmon with a salad and sauted zucchini & one of mom’s pickles. I wasn’t feeling satisfied that night, so while we watched, Let’s Be Cops, I snacked on grapes — YUM. Grapes are seriously a love of mine this Fall.

Sunday I added 1/2 a banana to my breakfast. I had to eat my nuts that I’d planned on eating with lunch early due to the time change. I ate my lunch of leftover salmon and salad around 12:30 and dinner was slow cooker roast with some spicy flavors going on made into lettuce wraps. A pretty simple dinner but it was quite tasty. David and I tried Hibiscus No. 7 Kombucha and really liked it. Sharing a kombooch sure isn’t a lot. I feel like I have a few sips and it’s gone.

Monday’s breakfast was so delicious! Lunch surprisingly kept me full until dinner around 6:45. I went vegetarian for dinner because I get really tired of eating meat at every meal. It was spaghetti squash with a kale pesto and roasted beets on top with a side of garlicky green beans. I know eating so much meat is a lot of people’s complaint with Whole30 that I’ve talked to. Overall, Monday went great. I only needed 3 meals, was perfectly full throughout the day and had plenty of energy.

Day 30!! I finally made it to day 30! Breakfast was delicious, as always. I don’t think I’ll be getting sick of these varied breakfasts. Lunch was super filling but again no meat. This time it didn’t keep me full long enough. I also experienced my first really bad stomach ache on the last day! No fair! I had major bloat and my stomach was just very painful. I thought I would eat a snack around 4 pm in hopes that it’d feel better but the apple definitely made it even worse. Dinner was a tasty turkey cabbage soup with homemade chicken broth and side salad. The soup was a keeper and luckily my stomach ache went away after dinner. Maybe the soup soothed it?

We took our measurements and weighed ourselves on the 30th day. We had waited the whole 30 days to weigh ourselves as prescribed. I could tell I felt lighter but I wasn’t 100% sure if I lost any weight. I’m happy to report that I did lose 6 pounds! I’m very happy with that weight loss because my goal was to lose 5 pounds. Let me tell you how good it feels to be 6 pounds lighter! My workouts are so much more bareable now and I can tell I’m getting stronger. So, I’m very happy in that department.

Obviously I missed wine and beer. That was the hardest part of Whole30 for me. David and I are finishing the week out with Whole30 guidelines and having our first meal out on Friday night in San Francisco where we will have a drink or two and foods that aren’t Whole30 approved. We’re planning on trying to eat a mostly paleo based diet. Definitely trying to elliminate sugar and grains out of our diet. I will try to introduce quinoa and possibly some other limited grains back into my diet but we’ll see how that goes. If I have any stomach issues I’ll take them right back out. I’m also planning on cooking my own beans and introducing them back in one by one to see which ones give me issues. I’m not going to drink dairy anymore and will be switching to homemade almond milk in my coffee (if needed) as a treat. I will miss cheese but I can say with certainty that I feel better without the foods I haven’t been eating.

We’ll eat paleo Sunday night – Friday lunch and let the weekends be more free. Our “bad” isn’t really that bad and is much healthier than most peoples “good”. We never ever eat fast food. It’s not even an option.  I only want to allow myself alcohol on Friday and Saturday’s (unless it’s someone special’s b-day or holiday!). I’ll take Sunday – Thursday off from drinking. I’d be lying if I said it makes me feel better. It’s just I enjoy it so much…!

David and I will be doing another Whole30 again, most likely once a year.  Whole30 was easier to do than I thought it would be. To be fair, October was a quiet month for us. We didn’t have many plans on the books so we generally stayed home on the weekends and stayed more active than usual. It was hard to cook every single meal at home but it makes me appreciate my meal out on Friday even that much more.

I’m so glad we did this challenge and I highly recommend it to everyone! Some days were difficult, but it’s something everyone (obviously vegetarians won’t) should try. It will only benefit you! Plus, you can do anything for 30 days. It’s really not hard.

I also want to mention how proud I am of David (who lost 10 pounds!) my mom, and my dad for doing this challenge with me. We all started and ended on the same day. It’s great to have support while doing it. My mother in law also started the Whole30 while we were in the middle of ours. I love how learning more about health and this challenge has been passed on to others.

If you have any questions please ask away! If you’re going to start the Whole30 let me know! Thanks for following along over the last month. It was a fun experiment with great results but I’m happy to have a little more freedom in my eating and I’m so excited to be done taking photos of my meals!

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Made in Sonoma November 5, 2014 at 7:26 pm

So awesome! The foods you have been eating look super good. It seems easy enough to stick with it. I would really love to try doing whole30, but everytime I restrict myself mentally or follow a diet, I gain weight. I have realized that for me personally, if I don’t restrict myself, I tend to never over-do any foods and use more of my intuition.

Breakfasts seem yummy!

And yay, for Friday. I was excited to read that bit đŸ˜‰


Made in Sonoma November 5, 2014 at 8:43 pm

I think eating with intuition is definitely the best. My main problems were the stomach aches I was having, so it’s nice to know that I should stay away from grains and sugar. Also, for me the best part of doing Whole30 is that I didn’t feel restricted (minus the alcohol!!).

Yay for Friday! Can’t wait!


Made in Sonoma November 7, 2014 at 4:00 am

Congrats on making it through the challenge and losing 6 pounds! That’s great that you surpassed your goal! As a vegetarian I definitely have mixed feelings on Whole30 and Paleo in general, but it’s interesting to hear the results and how people feel differently doing it.


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