Random Thoughts Thursday

by Kelli H. on November 20, 2014

1. My favorite part of the holidays (besides seeing friends & family, of course) is Christmas cards! I absolutely love creating ours, and even better I love receiving them!

2. I’m a black coffee lover these days. It’s not like I’m drinking 5 cups a day, but I adore 1 cup of black coffee in the morning. My preferred method is French press but if I go to Blue Beagle then I do enjoy their drip. I kind of feel like a badass drinking black coffee. I think it says “I REALLY enjoy coffee”. Whole30 made a great point, if you can’t drink coffee black, then do you even enjoy the coffee part or just the dairy/milk/sugar part of it? BOOM! Ask yourself that!

3. I love the rain. I seriously miss it so much. Being in a drought for 2 3 years makes me think I could live in Portland, but…I doubt it!

4. I’m so excited for Thanksgiving! It’s my favorite holiday. I mean, a holiday based around food and family? What’s not to love?! When people say they hate Thanksgiving I have to wonder what’s wrong with them.

5. I’m scared my taste for beer has been bulldozed over by wine. I haven’t had a beer in 7 weeks and I don’t miss it.

6. Last night while cooking our favorite breakfast casserole, I accidentally burnt David’s arm hairs off. Be warned: when someone is standing very close to the burner, don’t turn it on “Power Boil”…whoops!

7. David recently went on a business trip over night. I got to sleep in our bed alone for the first time in over a year. I slept amazing! Is that super terrible of me to admit? I didn’t wake up once and I had the whole bed to myself….heaven! Except I did miss him being my own personal furnace.

8. There are so many fun weekends in the works right now. I’m a chronic planner which I love, but most my friends are not on the same page as me. Meaning, I love to set plans weeks ahead, sometimes months ahead of time. It makes it hard to schedule stuff with some people but I really don’t like last minute plans.

9. My friend Michelle helped me pick out a dress to wear to David’s holiday party on December 5th. She picked out the best dress for me and even better was that it was FIFTY PERCENT OFF! Wow! I need to take her shopping with me all the time. I’m so excited to go to his holiday party, because I’ve never been to a fancy one, and it’s at The Winery on Treasure Island, which is also cool because David and I have never been to Treasure Island.

10. My friend, Maren, is redesigning my blog right now. I’ll be making the big switch over to Word Press. I’m a little nervous, but from what she’s shown me so far, I am excited! I can’t wait for the blog to have a new look and a better commenting system. Stay tuned!

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Made in Sonoma November 20, 2014 at 6:34 pm

I do not understand people that don’t like Thanksgiving either. What is there not to love?!


Made in Sonoma November 21, 2014 at 11:08 pm

#1 is my absolute favorite, too!!


Made in Sonoma November 22, 2014 at 1:54 am

Can’t wait to see the redesign! I love this post. Im a sucker for lists 🙂 You’ve inspired me to drink my coffee black tomorrow. Too bad I just bought this red velvet cupcake creamer. So bad but SO GOOD.


Made in Sonoma November 22, 2014 at 2:05 am

Thanks! I’m so excited for it! Enjoy your black coffee tomorrow!


Made in Sonoma November 22, 2014 at 2:05 am



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