Hiking Mt. Rose

by Kelli H. on September 18, 2014

Last weekend my family and I enjoyed a weekend in Truckee. A three day weekend in Truckee is my favorite. My mom and I took Friday off, David worked from the cabin remotely (so lucky to be able to WFH!), my dad left work around noon, and my brother and his girlfriend, Jenna left when they got off work at 5. We were all in Truckee together late Friday night and woke up Saturday morning ready for our hike!

I had bugged Jason all week about going on a 10 mile hike to the summit of Mt. Rose. I’d read about it on the blog From Foothills to Fog and wanted to do the hike myself. It was a little bit of a struggle to get everyone on the same boat, but luckily it worked out. The first 2.5 miles to the waterfall was relatively easy and was a beautiful trail that didn’t take too long to get to water.

Our pack of dogs getting some water before the big climb. From the left to right: Maverick, Lexi, and of course, Ryder! So many people commented on our pack of dogs. I guess hiking with three dogs off leash isn’t the norm? I wish it were!

Only 2.5 miles to the summit to go! Seems easy enough, right?
Take another look at the first picture….that’s how far up we had to go! 

About 20 minutes after seeing that sign we decided it’d be good to let the dogs and us have another water break. We also chowed down on some Cliff bars for some extra energy to make the rest of the climb.

I don’t know why but I was kind of surprised by how much of a climb hiking to the summit really is! It really starts to get your heart pumping quickly and the climb to the top is a little relentless. Luckily theres some reallllllyyy nice views along the way.

Right about here is when I was thinking we were almost to the top. I thought that since the wind had really kicked up at this point. I was wrong, of course. The photo is of Jason and Jenna above me.

Below me was my mom and David. Maverick and Ryder stayed in the front with Jason and Jenna the whole time, while Lexi stayed pretty close to me the whole time. She was so sweet to not go too far and keep checking on me. I had to keep telling her “It’s okay, Lexi! I’m good! Go ahead”. Sweet Lexi girl.

More pretty views from almost the top of Mt. Rose. My camera lens is definitely not the right lens to be using for these types of photos, but I hope you can see how beautiful it really was. The last mile to the top took me about 31 minutes according to my run keeper. I had to keep telling myself “one step at a time…”. I couldn’t believe how windy it was going up this summit! Literally some of the fastest winds I’ve been in.

Once we finally made it to the to top we enjoyed the view, rested, and ate our sandwiches. There were quite a few people on the summit. It almost seemed like a party up there! Everyone was friendly and no body was offended by the dogs roaming around.

Beautiful Lake Tahoe below us. By the way, it was frightening getting this picture with the crazy wind! 

Awww…the happy couple at the top. See, I told you it was windy. 

Some iPhone photos now since it was easier to handle than my 50 mm fixed lens. 

Family Selfie! Ryder was not impressed. 🙁 You’d think he hates us.

My favorite boys!

So stoked to have made it to the top! The real challenge was getting back down that steep mountain. My knees do not enjoy downhill. By mile 8 we were all ready to be back at the cabin. According to my runkeeper app we did 10.11 miles in 3 hours and 41 minutes with an average pace of 21:54. Who knows how accurate that is but it sure felt like we kicked butt.

It’s best to get back to the cabin, shower, and open up a bottle of 2006 Iron Horse Brut Rose that Jenna kindly brought up to share with us. 

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Made in Sonoma September 19, 2014 at 12:04 am

I’m with you on not enjoying the trek downhill; I feel like I’m going to fall forward and tumble down the mountainside! Beautiful pictures from the hike and I love that you finished off the experience with a bottle of wine. Perfect way to end an active, eventful afternoon 🙂


Made in Sonoma September 19, 2014 at 3:16 pm

Love all the pictures, glad you did a post on this. Even though it was really tough, I still had a good time and feel pretty damn accomplished that we hiked 10 miles up a mountain and back in under 4 hours! 🙂 That picture of us and Ry is hilarious, btw… classic Ryder…


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