Brew Review: Baxter Brewing Tarnation

by Kelli H. on September 4, 2014

Beer: Baxter Brewing Tarnation
Date: 8-17-14
Type: California-Style Lager
Location: Lewiston, Maine
Alcohol: 5.3%

Appearance: Clear, very small bubbles, golden in color

Aroma: Hops, yeast, sweet malts

Body & Texture: Incredibly smooth, light bodied, easy sippin’, malty

Aftertaste: Bready and a teeny tiny bit bitter. Very refreshing!

“Smooth, malty lager with a crisp American hop finish. Enjoyed by the San Francisco prospectors of yesteryear”. – Baxter Brewing

Overall Impression:
After trying Baxter’s Stowaway IPA I was a little nervous about this lager. I really don’t know what a California Style Lager is supposed to taste like, but I’m happy to report that I was very happy with this beer. The color was darker than I expected for a lager. Most lager’s I’ve had are usually really like straw colored. I’m thinking this darker golden color could be attributed to the California style. I also loved how easy this beer was to drink. Granted most lagers are easy drinkers, but this was just so smooth, so well balanced, and had a great aftertaste. I really enjoy a lager that doesn’t only finish with  a bread aftertaste. This one definitely has a bready aftertaste but it’s nicely balanced with a tad of hops. The only complaint about this beer would be that I can’t get it in California. If it were available it’s safe to say I’d buy 6 packs of Tarnation on the regular. I definitely recommend this lager!

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