Brew Review: Harpoon 100 Barrel Series Citra Victorious

by Kelli H. on July 27, 2014

Beer: Harpoon 100 Barrel Series Citra Victorious
Date: 7-17-14
Type: Pale Ale
Location: Boston, MA
Availability: Limited to 100 barrel’s
Alochol: 5.8%
IBU: 45

“This sessionable pale ale is loaded with Citra hops and grapefruit peel, for a unique citrus character”. 

Appearance: Golden, nice head retention, little amount of carbonation bubbles rising to the top

Aroma: Intense pine hops, slight alcohol, light malt

Body & Texture: Smooth and velvety, full bodied, not much carbonation

Aftertaste: Hoppy!

“In 2013, we (Carolyn, Jessie, Liz, Merrill, and Shannon) won the battle for the Harpoon Kettle Cup, our annual employee brewing competition. Our shared love of IPAs and citrus fruit inspired this grapefruit infused pale ale. Like the team that brewed it, this session able pale ale is easy-going and full of character”. 

Overall Impression: 
Janine from The Purple Giraffe blog contacted me on Twitter to do a beer swap. She asked for me to send her some Pliny the Elder and she would send me different beers from the East Coast that we can’t get here on the West Coast. I’ve been asked in the past to do this for people and have never obliged, but I decided that for Janine I would. She wanted to give it to her friend for a wedding gift. Plus, she’s pretty awesome. One of the beers she sent me was this Harpoon 100 Barrel Series. I’m happy she did because it’s my first ever Harpoon beer!

At first I wasn’t really digging the aroma. I thought I was smelling an alcohol aroma but that seemed to go away, thankfully. I really liked the color a lot. My only complaint would be that the carbonation was not as much as I tend to like. I felt that the beer got tastier the more I drank it and the more it warmed up, so that was nice. It has a big emphasis on the citra hops, and I could tell that in the taste more than the aroma. This is a pretty bitter pale ale. The IBU’s are about the same as Lagunitas IPA, so if you aren’t a fan of IPA’s you probably wouldn’t be a fan of this pale ale either. If this beer were available on the West Coast, I would probably buy it again for myself.

This beer was made up by five women employees from Harpoon. Harpoon does an employee brewing competition every year and this was the winner. It was fun drinking a beer that I knew women had made up. This beer made me really wish I could try more Harpoon beers, and it also makes me want to visit the brewery!

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