Brew Review: Lagunitas Night Time

by Kelli H. on May 5, 2014

Beer: Lagunitas Brewing Co. Night Time Fear the Dark
Date: 4-27-14
Location: Petaluma, CA
Type: Black IPA
Availability: Limited Release
Price: $4.49
Alcohol: 8.2%
IBU: 65

Appearance: Black, lots of carbonation, off white/light tan head, good head retention throughout the glass

Aroma: Pine hops

Body & Texture: Thick, smooth, full-bodied, almost sweet upfront

Aftertaste: Fades into a nice slightly hoppy aftertaste with a toasted malty finish

Overall Impression: 
MMM…mmmm….mmm…this is not my usual go-to type of beer but it sure is tasty! Quite a contrast from their Daytime IPA. This beer is thick, full bodied, and packed with flavor. The appearance will definitely make you think you’re about to enjoy a porter or stout, but when you pop that top you’ll know immediately that this beer is packin’ some serious hops. The aroma was out of this world amazing, but hey, that’s Lagunitas for you. If they know one thing, it’s how to properly hop a beer. When the beer sits in your mouth it almost feels heavy and has a tad sweetness to it, but it goes away so quickly and then that hoppiness kicks in and fades into a delicious hoppy malty balance that is really delicious.

I most likely wouldn’t drink this beer during the day, but umm…duh…it’s called Nighttime. I would definitely buy it for myself. This was another wonderful beer my dad dropped off for me to try, and I’m so thankful because now I know I need to go out and purchase some more for myself. Even if you typically see a “dark beer” and shy away from it, if you like IPA’s give this beer a chance. I really don’t think you’d be disappointed!

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Brittany May 5, 2014 at 11:54 am

Lagunitas is one of David’s favorite IPAs! Gosh your reviews make me miss being able to sip on a cold one. SOON!


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