Thursday, March 13, 2014

Brew Review: Anderson Valley Spring Hornin'

Beer: Anderson Valley Brewing Spring Hornin' 
Date: 3-11-14
Location: Boonville, CA
Type: IPA
Availability: Spring Seasonal
Price: $7.99/six-pack at Whole Foods
IBU: 55

Appearance: Clear, copper, dark golden color, thin white head

Aroma: Spicy, cloves, light hops

Body & Texture: Tingles tongue right away, great carbonation, medium bodied

Aftertaste: Malt lingers for a few seconds before quickly turning to all hops. Mostly a dry hop flavor.

"Burnish gold hue with a persistent, rocky white head. Floral, spicy aroma redolent of lilacs, white pepper and Bartlet pears with undertones of blueberry honey and roses. A pleasant balance of crisp bitterness with a clean malt profile adorned spicy, herbal hop flavors lasting into a dry, refreshing finish".

Overall Impression:
What sold me on this beer was the fact that it was a spring seasonal IPA and that it was only $7.99. I love that Anderson Valley beers tend to be very affordable. What I've also learned is that while I enjoy their pale ale and regular IPA, I don't love all their beers. Spring Hornin' has a great label that really pulls you in and makes you want to buy this beer. I love the bright colors.

I can drink this IPA, but I was definitely a tad disappointed. The aroma confused me because it doesn't remind me of spring. The spiciness of the aroma reminds me of fall or winter, but the aroma is definitely not a precursor to what the flavor of the beer is. Initially I liked the bite to this beer and think it had great carbonation. I also liked that once you swallow it, it had this nice maltiness to it but then that was it! It's totally cut off by intense hops that has a very dry diminish.

To sum it up, I would not purchase Spring Hornin' again, but if it were offered to me I would accept it. I think it's a very solid beer just not a very exceptional beer.


  1. I love that you do these reviews! Is this part of your professional work or do you do it for fun? Also, I love those glasses that come in at the top like the one your beer is poured in. I'm kind of a cup/glass collector so I'll have to buy some of those! I'm weird.

    1. Thanks! How awesome would that be if this were my professional work!? haha. I just do it to remember the beers I try. :) That glass is definitely one of my favorites right now.


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