Brew Review: Grand Teton Sweetgrass

by Kelli H. on September 3, 2013

Beer: Grand Teton Brewing Co. Sweetgrass
Date: 8-31-13
Type: American Pale Ale
Location: Victor, ID
Alcohol: 6%
Price: On sale at Whole Foods $7.99
IBU: 60

Appearance: Golden orange, hazy, great head retention, and ridiculous lacing on the glass

Aroma: Mildly hoppy

Body & Texture: Velvety, full bodied, well balanced between hops and malt, smooth

Aftertaste: Slighly hoppy aftertaste but not too bitter at all. Tastes less than 60 IBU for sure. Very well balanced in the aftertaste between the light hoppiness and sweet malts.

Overall Impression:
I wouldn’t have ever bought this beer if it weren’t for the Whole Foods employee in the beer aisle. I’ve had a couple Grand Teton beers before, and I know they have a great reputation, but I just haven’t been impressed by them. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to buy, because I was really craving Widmer’s Citra Blonde ever since we had it at Max & Maren’s last Sunday. Unfortunately, that’s a summer seasonal and out of four places David & I check no where had it! I guess it’s time to move on. Alas, I didn’t know what I wanted. Something not too hoppy or heavy. The guy recommended this beer, and I’m glad he did! It was very tasty, refreshing, and pleasant. It’s always fun to try a new beer that I would have never picked myself. If you’re a pale ale lover I definitely recommend Grand Teton’s Sweetgrass. I really loved the initial taste, aftertaste, and the appearance. At $7.99 for a six pack I feel this is a deal. Not sure I’d pay $10 for it though. While it might not be a beer I’d keep my fridge full of, I’d definitely drink it again.

During this brew review Ryder really wanted to be involved. He even acted like a lap dog and jumped into David’s lap. He was acting very needy and hilarious. He’s such a funny boy!

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Tara September 4, 2013 at 2:58 pm

Always looking for a good brew. 🙂 Whole Foods has a good selection but I feel sometimes they get a little pricy (what else is new?).

I hope you end up finding your dream beer, I hate when things go out of season and I have to wait a whole year to find it again!


Made in Sonoma September 4, 2013 at 4:41 pm

Their beer and wine is definitely pricey, but I like to look for the sales $7.99/six pack is acceptable to me!


Sarah Cook September 4, 2013 at 4:42 pm

Oh my gosh, Ryder is adorable!
This beer does sound good. Whole Foods always has little gems tucked away in the beer section!


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