Brew Review: Ninkasi Brewing Radiant

by Kelli H. on July 3, 2013

Beer: Ninkasi Brewing Radiant
Date: 7-1-13
Location: Eugene, OR
Type: Northwest Pale Ale
Availability: Seasonal
Alcohol: 6%
IBU: 40

Appearance: Copper colored and see through. Not much head retention. Very small amount of bubbles rising to the top

Aroma: Not much hops in the aroma but pretty yeasty smelling and malty.

Body & Texture: Up front bite from the carbonation (yay!) with a smooth strong malt finish

Aftertaste: Minor hop flavor with lots of malt flavor.

Overall Impression:
This is an easy drinkin’ beer! I love that the color of the beer is as radiant as the label on the bottle. It’s very smooth and definitely not too hoppy. Seems like many people could easily enjoy this beer. While I think the beer is very good and I would definitely buy it again, I don’t think that it’s the type of beer I’d drink all day in the summer. I think it’s more of a drink one with a BBQ or as an appetizer before dinner beer. I really don’t have any complaints about it. I thought it would be more of a hoppy pale ale since it’s got the words “northwest” in it, but I find it very pleasant. Give this summer seasonal a try soon!

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