Brew Review: Deschutes Brewery Mirror Pond

by Kelli H. on April 16, 2013

Beer: Deschutes Brewery Mirror Pond
Date: 4-14-13
Location: Bend, OR
Type: Pale Ale
Alcohol: 5%
Availability: Year round
IBU: 40

Aroma: Light hops and sweet malt.

Appearance: Deep gold to pale amber. Thick off white creamy head.

Body & Texture: Slight sweet, good carbonation provides for some nice burps, light to medium bodied.

Aftertaste: Finishes smooth and long with a sweetness of bready malts and subtle hops.

Overall Impression:
Mirror Pond is one of my favorite pale ales. It might even be one of my favorite beers. I really love the lower alcohol of this craft beer because it doesn’t make me feel drunk, and I can drink it during the day in the sun at the river, lake, beach, or in my backyard. Lots of craft beers have such high alcohol that having 1 makes me sleepy or…silly. Mirror Pond would be a great pale ale for anyone starting out with ale’s. It’s has lower IBU’s than an IPA, which makes the hops not the only characteristic you taste. It’s quite malty and well balanced. The color is beautiful and a 12 pack is definitely affordable. I highly recommend Mirror Pond for your spring and summer time beers. I seem to always start drinking it again when the sun shines.

Some other pale ales I’ve enjoyed in the past are Bitter American & New Dog Town, both of which are more hoppy than Mirror Pond.

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