Hiking Sugarloaf Ridge

by Kelli H. on March 10, 2013

Saturday morning I got up right at 7 and started getting ready for my hike to Sugarloaf Ridge with Michelle. The plan was to stop by Safeway & pick us up sandwiches before meeting at her house at 8:30 (ish). She then drove us to Sugarloaf where we started our hike to Bald Mountain around 9:20.

The hike started on a dirt path that was a slight uphill. We were hiking through trees and it was pretty easy. After about 1/2 a mile we were led up to a paved road. The paved road was a total let down for this hike. Michelle & I are both not fans of hiking on a road going very uphill, so this was pretty disappointing. Plus, the paved road went for a longgg time. Pretty much the rest of the hike to the top was paved. 
Luckily, we had beautiful hiking weather. It was probably in the sixties with the sun shining on us. It felt so good to be outside soaking up the sun. The views of down below weren’t bad either. The iPhone camera does not do it justice. 
On the way to the top, we ran into this little straw waddle snake. Isn’t he cute? Thank god it wasn’t a real snake or I would have flipped out. We actually did discuss what we’d do if he was real, and it was decided we’d jump off the mountain to get away from it. 
 The top of Bald Mountain was very windy, making it pretty cold to stay up there. Though, the view was totally worth it. We could see the ocean, all of the bay area, and even the bridges! It was pretty awesome. Such a clear, crisp blue day. Absolutely gorgeous. 
 On our way back down, we were pretty tired of hiking on Bald Mountain Trail, so we veered off of the trail and decided to take Red Mountain Trail to Head Water Trail, which pretty much followed along the creek. We then caught up with Vista Trail and back to Lower Bald Mountain Trail. Back down at the trail head, we ate our deli sandwiches at a picnic table. It was a great hike that only took a couple hours. I just wish I knew how far we’d hiked. 
When I got home, David was busy working on a project for school with a friend, so Ryder & I headed up to my parents to feed their cat, Pru, while they were in Truckee. While we were there, Ryder & I walked around the block (sidenote: I would have taken Ryder on the hike, but California doesn’t allow dogs in their State Parks — LAME!), which is about 2 miles with lots of ups and downhills. We had a good time together. The walk took about 45 minutes, maybe a little longer, because I couldn’t stop myself from taking tons of photos of the scenery. It was just so springy this weekend. 
After coming back home, David & I opened a beer (brew review on Tuesday), and then shared our favorite burrito from Los Tres Chiles, while finishing up Season 3 of Supernatural on Netflix. It was definitely a good weekend. 
Now I just got back from doing a jog at my parents around the block with Ryder, and I have a loaf of oatmeal sandwich bread in the oven. I’ve already gone to the store, ate lunch, exercised, and now I’m just doing a little blogging before cleaning the house. I think I tend to forget during the year how much I love this low 70’s weather. I hope your weekend was enjoyable, too! Do anything fun or interesting?

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Natalie @ Once Upon a Cutting Board March 12, 2013 at 2:23 am

Sounds like a packed weekend, mine was nowhere near as exciting as that, but the weather up here was at least warm enough to make me want to be outside, I’m so excited for Spring too!


Janelle March 12, 2013 at 4:05 am

The iphone camera did justice to that creek, though. I’ve never seen a creek with so many vibrant colors. Very cool.


sonia the mexigarian March 13, 2013 at 10:04 pm

I have never hiked up to Sugarloaf Ridge before. Must add to the list. Sad that the parks don’t allow dogs. I would love to bringing my furbuddy with me on those adventures. I know there are trails out there that allow dogs, I just got to find them 🙂

The picture of the tree and the creek are beautiful!

I’ve seen snakes and tarantulas on trails. Not fun.


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