Brew Review: Drakes Brewing Co. IPA

by Kelli H. on March 19, 2013

Beer: Drakes Brewing Co. IPA
Date: 3-17-13 (St. Patty’s Day!)
Type: IPA
Location: San Leandro, CA
Availability: Year round
Alcohol: 7%
IBU’s: 65
Aroma: Sweet, mildly hoppy
Appearance: Deep golden, clear, small bubbles rising to the top, small head retention
Body & Texture: Medium bodied, bitter up front
Aftertaste: All around bitterness
Overall Impression: 
I think Drake’s IPA is a great IPA. I usually base my IPA’s off my favorite IPA, which is Lagunitas, and Drake’s stands up to it well. I think it’s a more bitter IPA than others I’ve had, and I really enjoy that. The color is nice, the aroma is pretty good, and overall, it’s very drinkable. I’d definitely keep Drake’s stocked in my fridge. If you’re an IPA fan, then you should definitely give Drake’s a shot. If you’re just getting into beer, then Drake’s IPA will probably be too bitter for you. So, hopheads, give this one a try! If not, you might wanna stay away. Feel free to buy me a six pack anytime! 
I had to share this cute picture of all the pups from St. Patrick’s Day. David wanted a picture of him and Ryder, but Lexi & Maverick had to get in on the action! Trying to take pictures of beer outside is a bit distracting when you’ve got all these pups running into you!

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Denise @ Musician's Widow March 21, 2013 at 4:38 pm

MMm… I just can’t do IPAs. (I have a brief love affair with them, which my husband remembers well, but we broke up in a bitter moment.) A friend of mine, however, LOOOOOOOOOVES them. So I will definitely tell her to try it.


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