Wine of the Week: Blue Plate Chenin Blanc

by Kelli H. on August 3, 2012

Another Friday requires another wine of the week post. I had originally planned on trying a red for this wine of the week. Then all week went by, and I decided I most likely wouldn’t even participate. I hadn’t tried anything new, and I didn’t want to open a bottle just for a post. So, I thought to myself, “Oh well, I just won’t participate this week”. Then while I was at work today, my dad handed me three bottles of Blue Plate Chenin Blanc, and it was all over from there. 
For the next 45 minutes, I patiently waited for my ride home, where I could twist off the top and pour myself a cold glass. This summer has been the summer of white wine for me. Well, the summer of wine in general, but more specifically white wine.
One of our customers at work gave my dad a case of this wine. His son is one of the wine makers. You can read all about them here
The only other chenin blanc I’ve tasted was Beringer’s last month. I would definitely say I wasn’t a huge fan of the chenin blanc, but I knew I’d like to try more. The aroma of this chenin blanc is pleasantly fruity, but you can also detect something acidic. Upon first sip it tasted quite acidic, but then it sat in my mouth and felt soft. When I swallowed, there was nothing left. It really is a dry wine. Dry wines always confuse me. I know the bottle says dry, but it’s like my brain doesn’t register it. I always expect some sort of after taste. 
At first when the wine was still cold from the fridge, I wasn’t a huge fan, but once the glass warmed up a bit, I found that I started to really enjoy this chenin blanc. It was even leaving a little bit of an aftertaste, which I enjoyed. Maybe the trick is the perfect temperature? I’m not sure, but I think its a pretty darn good bottle for $11 retail! This 2011 chenin blanc is 12% abv. I really want to highlight how smooth this wine is. That’s probably my favorite aspect of it. I really wish I could have someone pair this wine with some food for me. Any suggestions?

Have you tried any Chenin Blanc’s? I’ve read that they were very popular before Chardonnays took off in the 1970’s.

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Push.Pump.Progress August 3, 2012 at 2:49 pm

I have tried Chenin Blanc before and liked it! mind you I like most white wines except for a few chardonnays I’ve had that I didn’t love. oh and I am officially follow your blog on GFC 🙂


David Womack August 3, 2012 at 4:45 pm

I enjoyed the Blue Plate Chenin. To expand your horizons you might also try South African Chenins – I like Mulderbosch – or a Vouvray, which is the birthplace of Chenin Blanc.

Chenin Blancs tend to have a great depth of acidity, and go well with creamy dishes. You might try the Blue Plate with something like Baked Brie in Puffed Pastry.


Made in Sonoma August 3, 2012 at 4:47 pm

Great suggestions! Thank you!


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