Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Brew Review: Pursuit of Hoppiness

Beer: Grand Teton Brewing Co. Pursuit of Hoppiness
Date: 3-30-12
Location: Victor, Idaho
Type: Imperial Red Ale
Availability: Year Round
Price: Gift
Alcohol: 8.5%
IBU's: 100
Aroma: Sweet, hops, alcohol

Appearance: Brownish red, thick tan head

Body & Texture: Bitter up front with alcohol taste. Big bite! Smooths out when you swallow.

Aftertaste: Hops with slight alcohol taste and maltiness. Warmer the beer gets, the alcohol taste goes away.

Overall Impression:
Beautiful bottle, pour, head, and lacing. The beer is very tasty. Definitely drinkable but not really in my price range. I know, I didn't list the price because it was a gift, but I know I've seen it in the stores, and knew I wouldn't be buying it. It gave some phenomenal burps! This is a good thing to me. I liked the slight maltiness, but I could really taste an alcohol bite, which I wasn't all that happy about. I felt like once this beer warmed up a little, it got better. I couldn't taste the alcohol bite anymore and it seemed all over more enjoyable when it wasn't ice cold. The head was really something! It was absolutely beautiful and creamy. The color was also really pretty. I was surprised when my mom told me she really liked this beer. I'm pretty proud of her tastes in craft beers these days! Overall it was worth a try and I think it's a great craft brew but not really my style.


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  2. Not a fan of beers that are too bitter, but I would definitely try it :)

  3. Dangit - that means it's probably out of my price range too. Love your pint glass though. I've been wanting one (okay 4) of those, but I have to many regular branded ones to justify buying anymore beer glassware.

    1. I totally know what you mean. If you want to buy them individually they sell them for $2.99 a piece at Cost Plus World Market.


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