Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Brew Review: Brothers Reserve Barrel Aged Brrrbon

Beer: (Widmer) Brothers Reserve Barrel Aged Brrrbon
Date: 4-7-12 (Right after getting engaged!)
Location: Portland, OR
Type: Winter Brrr Seasonal aged in bourbon barrels
Availablity: Limited Release #3 Fall 2010
Alochol: 9.4%
Price: $11.99/22 oz

Aroma: Wood and bourbon/liquor

Appearance: Hazy, dark, amber

Body & Texture: Smooth, light-medium bodied, no bite, great lacing. Not much head retention, off white/tan head.

Aftertaste: Woodsy and bourbon.

Overall Impression:
Surprised! Not what I was expecting at all. This has no alcohol bite to it, which I really appreciated. I went into this tasting with my mind clouded with judgement. I thought it would taste like strong bourbon, but to me, this tasted much better than bourbon. I would definitely recommend this beer to any craft brew lover. I really was so happy with this tasting. If you can find this very limited release, pick it up, and do a tasting with some friends. I think everyone would be pleasantly surprised. My dad gave me this beer, as well as another Brothers Reserve (review coming next week), and I was super happy with it. So, thank you, dad!


  1. I have to admit, I'm not a big bourbon beer fan, but you're pictures are downright lovely!

  2. Oh my goodness - is that snow under there!?!

    And I agree completely with Tiffany - that's EXACTLY what I was going to say! Not the biggest beer fan but your pictures are amazing!

    1. Thank you! Yes, it is snow! The little bit that was left in Tahoe.

  3. ooo this one looks especially tasty!

  4. Did it come in that fancy box?! Girl, you so fancy!! I've never tried a bourban beer. In fact didn't know they existed. I need to branch out more often!

  5. Gorgeous bottle, lovely box, and not EVEN all that expensive for a bomber. This looks like a great choice from your daddio!


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