Friday Morning Latte at Work

by Kelli H. on March 30, 2012

 Good Morning, friends! 
Today I’m going to show you how I make a latte at work.
Monday – Thursday at work I try to stay pretty strict by only drinking tea. On the unfortunate occasion when I’m having a head ache I’ll make myself a French Vanilla Latte and knock back 2 liquid Advil’s. I know, life on the wild side. I also make one on Fridays’.  Drinking a latte at work on Friday is a special treat. I’m kind of weird that way. I like to make things that I could have everyday a “special treat”. It makes going into work on Friday’s more exciting, because I’m not going to be drinking another cup of tea, but rather a tasty, foamy, sweet latte. The bonus is that it’s FREE. I used to stop by Peet’s every Friday morning, but that can get expensive, and a penny saved is a penny earned, right?
Here is how I make a latte at work. 
First I have to warm up the espresso machine to get ready to do some frothing & extracting. It’s usually already turned on and ready to go. 

Next, I ground the beans with a BUR grinder. I have been told a bur grinder is the best way to grind beans, that most coffee shops use a bur grinder. I guess it’s the industry standard. I’m just going off what I’ve bean been told. This is like gossip here. Nothing has been researched, so don’t ask for my sources, AND go ahead and correct me if I’m wrong. Oh yes, I also “tamp” the grounds down with a tamper. 

Then, I froth my milk between 140-160 degrees because the thermometer says to. It says that’s “prime”, and I like “prime”.  We used to have 1% milk at work but now we use WHOLE *gasp*. It’s so tasty.  I put the frothed milk to the side until I’m ready for it, where it patiently waits.

What I do next, is I make the extraction by pressing another button that does it for me. Once the espresso starts coming out I, count to 19 mississippi. “One Mississippi, two Mississippi…” You get the idea. For the record, counting seconds by using mississippi’s is completely accurate. 

Okay, so pump 2 squirts (I don’t like that word) of French vanilla syrup into your recycled tumbler. You have one, right? Also, write your name on that bad boy or someone might stealtry to use it. I don’t like sharing my tumbler. 

Thennnn I use a big spoon to pour in the steamed milk, holding back the foam with the mouth of the spoon. I pour in the espresso; mix it with the syrup and milk. Last thing I do is use the spoon to top my latte with foam. Oh, how I love thy foam. The foam MAKES the latte- 

Of course, I then have to clean up my mess, but it’s worth it. There’s something satisfying about making your own latte. 

That’s all folks; I hope you’re enjoying a nice hot beverage as you read this.

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Chelsea @ Naturally Sweet Recipes March 30, 2012 at 2:55 pm

Wow, that sounds like such a decadent work drink! 🙂 Hope you have a great Friday!


David Wells March 30, 2012 at 9:51 pm

Awesome post! I love our office coffees! Your shot looks perfect too, it’s a great color with lots of crema! The only tip I’d give you is to try doing a little bit longer extraction. I always do 24 seconds. And yes, using the “mississippi method” for counting seconds is scientifically the most accurate. lol.


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