Eighth Street Wineries

by Kelli H. on March 24, 2011

This post is also long overdue but I always think better late than never.

The last weekend in February, David and my friend, Michelle, and I went to an event called Eighth Street Wineries in Sonoma.  It was fantastic! I definitely recommend going and would even go again.  Michelle found an article in the PD and messaged me about buying tickets.  It was $30 in advance and about 10 wineries were participating.  They were all in large industrial sized bay’s where each winery makes the wine but they don’t have a tasting room.  This event takes place 2 times a year and they offer unlimited tastings and food at each winery.  Needless to say I tasted wayyy too many! By the time we left, I was feeling very drunk and my teeth were purple.  Here is the list of some of the wineries we stopped by; Enkidu, Talisman, Ty Canton, Parmelee-Hill, Stone Edge Farm, Macrostie, Anaba Wines, Three Sticks, & Tin  Barn Vineyards.  My 2 favorite were Tin Barn Vineyards because I enjoyed their wines, they were organic, and the food they offered was so delicious!  My next favorite was Ty Canton because the people pouring the wines were so friendly and funny.  They also had a good place to sit down for a while. I was excited to try Enkidu but I was  not a fan of any of their wines. All in all it was a great day and one I’ll remember for a long time.

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Lauri (RedHeadRecipes.com) April 16, 2011 at 1:57 am

Sounds AWESOME!!! I would LOVE to do that some day!


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