I Hate Cancer

by Kelli H. on February 26, 2015


In December 2007 David and I found a puppy online. My family had been throwing around the idea of adding another dog to our family. Our black lab, Luna had passed away a year earlier and we felt Bearin, our other dog needed a new companion. That’s when the search for Lexi began. We originally wanted Lexi’s sister who looked more like a true doberman, but when we called on the two puppies, her sister was already adopted. They asked if we’d be interested in the other puppy. We were, though we were unsure of her darker colors. We decided we could live with her darker colors — thank god! In order to adopt Lexi we had to drive to Placerville with Bearin on a weeknight to make sure they thought our dog would get along with a new puppy. We were a bit nervous because Bearin wasn’t always the most friendly towards other dogs. I remember driving to Placerville in the Expedition and we hit traffic that afternoon. We were worried we wouldn’t make it in time. We arrived late but they stayed open for us to see her. 


Lexi was the cutest puppy I’d seen. She had the longest legs and was a total sweetheart. We were in love with her from the moment we met her. Luckily Bearin passed the test and we were going to be able to adopt her. One problem was she wasn’t spayed yet and they wouldn’t let us take her until after the procedure. Meaning we had to drive back to Placerville that weekend to pick her up. She was worth the drive! 


Once we picked her up, we put her in her crate with a huge bed in it, filled with toys and bones. From that day forward Lexi was my little baby girl. She threw up on the way home and eventually chewed that bed to pieces. Oh man, she chewed up so many beds. Too many to count! As well as countless shoes…she was such a chewer, but like all puppies, she did eventually grow out of it. She was unnamed for longer than I’d like to admit. Lexi was almost Zoe but we told my mom that sounded like the drug Zoloft. Lexi it was and for good reason since she has such sexy legs. 


David and I took Lexi under our wings and raised her like our own. She was the family dog for sure, but we took her to training with my mom, and she slept in my bed with me every night. She even slept with her head on my pillow, like a human. She was the only dog I’ve had that has ever slept in the bed with me. It was hard moving out and not having her in the same house anymore. I eventually got used to it, but she’ll always be my little baby girl. 


Last week Lexi had a tumor removed from her chest. We didn’t think much of this growth but finally my mom took her in. Originally the vet thought it was a wart and would be easy to remove. After the surgery we were told that it was not a wart and that it was a pretty intense tumor. They were sending it out for biopsy. We waited for the results to tell us if it was just a tumor or if it had spread throughout her body. Her wound hasn’t been healing well at all. We got the call last night that it had in fact spread throughout her body. The vet said she had a high end mast cell tumor and that on average she’d live another 4 months. 


We are absolutely devastated. 


We’re not proceeding with chemotherapy as the vet suggested it would not extend her life and would cause her more pain. Instead we’re going to try to prolong her life with Eastern medicine. Using herbs, making her organic homemade food, and really focusing on her quality of life. 


Lexi is only seven years old. I imagined she’d live at least another 5 years. It breaks my heart to know I’m not going to get those extra years with her. I really really hate cancer. All I want to do is give her as much love as possible and soak in extra time with her. If you’ve ever met Lexi then you know she is a sweetheart. She’s always been cautious of men but in the last few weeks she seems to be warming up to them. She loves to lick peoples faces but if you won’t allow her to (like me) she’ll just lick the air around your face and hope to get one lick in by chance. 


Ryder adores Lexi. He used to lay on top of her and chew on her neck. She would “protect” Ryder from our old dog, Liberty. Lexi took Ryder under her arm and has been a sister to him. I’m so sad we won’t have more time with her, but we’re going to make the best of it. Lexi is still acting her normal self so there are still many walks and runs in her future. We’re keeping her in the office with us while her wound heals and she’s loving that she gets to spend all day inside with us.


Life is precious, even an animals. Give your animal an extra hug or kiss x 1,000,000! You never know how long you’ll have with them. My heart is hurting right now, but I’m thankful for the remaining time we do have together. 


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